Danube Restaurant

Have fun with our delicious and fresh dishes, specially prepared for you! Whether we are talking about breakfast, lunch or dinner, we invite you to check out our full menu! Due to the changes around us, we are becoming more and more careful about food and everything related to our guests. The food we serve at our restaurant comes from reliable and proven sources and we try to make the most of local ingredients so that over 80% of the ingredients used are 100% made in Bulgaria.

In addition, we are very attentive to the quality of the dishes, so our menu may vary depending on the season, to offer you a variety of dishes depending on their seasonality.









Panorama Restaurant

Whether you want to try the magic of Silistra or just looking for a hotel in Silistra, we are here to offer you a 4 * stay. Our rooms are carefully furnished and qualified staff is ready to assist you when you need it. Whether you come to us for a few days relaxation next to the Danube River, you have a business trip, you are on a city holiday or you have a team building, we are convinced that we are the right choice for you!

You may be wondering why? Because we very much value the person who visits us and put first of all the experience that will come when crossing the threshold of our restaurants.

We invite you to try our dishes at Panorama Restaurant, Danube Restaurant and our summer terrace.



Right? What would our life be like without a little sweetness in it? We invite you to try Viennese coffee with the highest-quality cakes, delicious drinks and of course not to forget – the Viennese cappuccino, it is a part of the Danube atmosphere, and enjoy your morning, lunch or evening coffee at our pastry shop, which is available to you during your stay.

Inside the cafe you can also serve finger-food if you are in a hurry and do not want to wait at the restaurant or you can enjoy delicious ice cream or unforgettable English tea!