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Surely you have wondered many times why so many people are interested in knowledge? Well, we present some ideas that will make you think deeply!

Why visit tourist destinations?

With every historical site we can visit, we manage to gather new information and learn new things. Did you know that there are two amazing museums near the Danube Hotel? The first museum is the Ethnographic Museum, which will present to you the evolution of the Bulgarian people.

You think this is something you would not be interested in?

Do you know that the Bulgarian people are South Slavic people? But in Thrace there is a group of Muslim Bulgarians who call themselves “Pomaks”? You have already discovered two new information.

With every new information we receive or find, we develop in the most beautiful way, mentally as well as spiritually.

Ethnography deals with the classification of peoples in the world, follows their evolution and features related to their way of life.

The second museum is the Archaeological Museum.

This museum is housed in a building that was built in Neo-Roman style during the interwar period. Probably everyone has heard something about archeology and what it is, but in this museum you can find much more than what is presented on the Internet.

The first step you make in this museum will be the first step to the past and this can happen in any museum you go through.Anything can only capture you if you pay attention.


Another place near Danube is the Central Park, which also presents some historical monuments and statues such as: the historic monumental, dedicated to the liberation of the city on September 9, 1944, and to this monument is a Soviet T-34 tank, who is in very good shape, the statue of Lev Tolsoy, who is fighting the Russian army in the Crimean War, and many others. Another thing that makes this park very special is the fact that the Danube River runs right past it.

There are many beautiful places around us, but we need to open our eyes better to see them.

Supporting museums is very important while in recent years people’s interests have turned to other things. Education is the most important thing and with every new thing we learn we should set an example for our friends acquaintances, but also to other people we may still not know.

Each museum is unique and captures attention through various things such as its architecture, works of art, furniture, clothing, armor, weapons of war and more.

There are so many wonderful places around us that we don’t even realize it. Suggestion for us and you, is to open our eyes, look up from the phone and look around us.

We are waiting for you at any time in Danube to give you the necessary tips for an unforgettable cultural experience!

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